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Welcome to JEANS*CHiCKS! This site is devoted to the beauty of sexy girls in tight jeans. If you have always been excited about looking at sexy chicks in skin tight jeans and their tight jeans ass, you have come to the right place! =)

Free for contributers

The idea behind JEANS*CHiCKS is to share the very best photos of girls in tight jeans. Share your photos with the JEANS*CHiCKS community and we will share our photos with you! Click CONTRIBUTE on the left for more information.

No recurring payments

If you don't have any photos to contribute, you can support us financially, helping us to cope with our high costs for web traffic and hosting. Support us with only 2.49 € and you get back a gallery full of 100 high quality photos! Unlike many other sites, there are NO recurring payments. For safe & easy payment, we use PayPal (a trustworthy eBay company), so you can either pay by credit card or even by transferring money from your bank account.

Best quality

We shoot our photos with high quality digital cameras with the lowest JPEG compression possible. That means you will always get photos in the very best quality!
.: Gallery 008 and 009 online! :.

Here we go again with a long awaited update of JEANS*CHiCKS! Our ass hunters were on the road again, shooting the best tight jeans butts they could find. Contents of the two new galleries (just an extract):
Gallery 008: Lots of chicks in Miss Sixty, tight jeans with looong zipper on the ass side, exposed thongs, jeans with and without pockets, meaty butts and slim butts - there should be something for every one!
Gallery 009: Many chicks in pocketless tight jeans, two very sweet tourist girls (one of them with a Bad Girl logo on her jeans ass *sexy!*, the other one with a sweat tight butt as well!), a yummy red hair girl in tight Killah jeans, and many more!

.: Comfortable downloading of galleries :.

Now it's even easier and more comfortable to download the galleries: I've packed each gallery into 4 ZIP archives, so now you just have to download 4 archives instead of 100 separate photos. I hope you like this new improvement, and I think it's also fine for those of you with slower internet connection.

.: Gallery 006 and 007 online! :.

The JEANS*CHiCKS ass hunters just couldn't get enough of sexy girls in their tightest jeans. On 200 new photos, chicks show off their wanting bubble asses in their ultra tight jeans. Who wouldn't like to be the jeans...? *yum* =)

.: Receive a 20% bonus :.

Take all galleries at once, and you'll receive a bonus of 10% on all galleries!!

.: Gallery 004 and 005 online! :.

Another 200 photos are online now! That's the way we like to see the chicks: hot and sweaty, and squeezing their delicious asses into their tightest jeans possible! =)
Big thanks to candidBob for these excellent shots.

.: Two new galleries online :.

Finally, gallery 002 and 003 are online! Summer heat, sweatin' bodies and bubble butts in tight jeans... On 200 (!!) new photos, sexy girls show us their tight asses while shopping for the next hot tight gear! What could be more tempting than following them for a while??
Big thanks to candidBob for these excellent shots from his pro 5-megapixel camera.

.: First gallery online!! :.
The first gallery is online! Altogether 100 (!!!) high quality photos of hot 'n juicy girls in skin tight jeans! Many butts in Miss Sixty jeans (for the Miss Sixty lovers out there) and other tight jeans.